A marketing collective for women on the frontline of the world’s awakening


A marketing collective for women on the frontline of the world’s awakening


 What is a Marketing Collective?

Access digital marketing support services, a global network + promotion and media opportunities for the feminine leader, conscious brand and spiritual soulpreneur. 

Here at SHEVOLVE we speak your language.

We are attuned to your message. And we hold the frequency of your vision.

Is this you?

    • You have a deep soul-calling to serve the world with your gifts.
    • You are calling in marketing support that understands the language of energy + intuition.
    • You are looking to delegate marketing tasks to allow more spaciousness for you to create + serve.
    • You are seeking collab + media opportunities in your niche.
    • You are looking to infuse more feminine flow in your marketing.
    • You are are tired of doing it alone.
    • You are calling in soul-sisters and a tribe of support during your business journey.

What current SHEVOLVE Marketing Collective are saying:


How does it work: 

Step 1:

Pay the annual fee ($250)

Step 2:

Complete your onboarding + schedule your strategy and orientation call

Step 3

Get assigned an Account Manager

Step 4

Choose how many hours of marketing support you require (optional)

Step 5

Dive into all the community offers included in your access + add on opportunities like spotlight features, mastermind access and Affiliate partnership if you desire

What current SHEVOLVE Marketing Collective are saying:


Your Annual Access includes:

  • 30-Min Strategy + Orientation Call.
  • An Account Manager for Integration + Marketing Support (if required).
  • Access to media + collab opportunity e-blasts.
  • Access to our private Facebook community.
  • Access to marketing trainings + resources.
  • A listing in our referral database.
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Marketing Support Services 

Choose from a-la-carte hourly packages, specialty packages, or custom quoted jobs.

A-La-Carte Hourly Packages

If you require hourly support, purchase a package that suits your needs and budget.

5 hours Monthly Package

200.00 USD a month
10 hours Monthly Package

380.00 USD a month
20 hours Monthly Package

700.00 USD a month
30 hours Monthly Package

1000.00 USD a month
40 hours Monthly Package

1,400.00 USD a month
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Elevate Your SHEVOLVE Experience


Feminine Marketing Mastermind

$199.00 USD a Month
Rose Quartz Spotlight

$1,000.00 USD
Amethyst Spotlight

500.00 USD
Citrine Spotlight

250.00 USD

What is the Feminine Marketing Mastermind?

Learn how to infuse more flow, pleasure + fun in your marketing. This mastermind meets once a month to mastermind on your business. Limited spots available.


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What is a community spotlight?

A community spotlight is an opportunity to be promoted in our community + the SHEVOLVE network. These are supportive to launch periods or whenever you require a boost in visibility or audience growth.

Rose Quartz

  • Email Feature to the entire mailing list.
  • Mentions in 4 emails per month.
  • The opportunity to host an event in the SHEVOLVE Community.
  • An interview with SHEVOLVE Founder, MegZ.
  • One spot available a month.


  • Mentions in 4 emails per month.
  • The opportunity to host a social media event in the SHEVOLVE FB Group.
  • Two spots available a month.


  • Mentions in 4 emails per month.
  • Three spot available a month.
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What current SHEVOLVE Marketing Collective are saying:


Meet SHEVOLVE Founder, Meghan Zuvelek

In order to shift the consciousness of the planet, we need to change our own consciousness and how we think of business and marketing.

We are multi-dimensional beings and our online presence should honor this. Strategy and tactics are important, but so is your intention and energy.

In the SHEVOLVE Collective we are all about merging the divine masculine and feminine in business. We support you in connecting and co-creating with other conscious individuals + media outlets, help amplify your message in the world and can even implement your marketing strategy if you're ready to surrender and remain in your zone of genius.

The world is waking up and your medicine is needed more than ever.

If you're feeling called to shine your light, make an impact and generate a sustainable income with your online business, I welcome you into the SHEVOLVE Collective.

- MZ


Meet the SHEVOLVE Team

Joddi Dodd Integrator, Senior Account Manager

Yoga teacher turned digital marketing maven, Jodi manages accounts to ensure smooth and seamless strategy implementation.

Megan Elias, Account Manager/ Graphic Designer

Megan is a globetrotting goddess who pours her creativity + tech savvy-ness into client accounts

Julia Higgs, Account Manager

With a passion for helping the wellness community find a voice online she is creating amazing content for our women’s circle!

Karizza Mae Korpuz, Marketing Assistant & VA

Karizza is as well-rounded as they come lending a hand with anything from sales funnel design, online course set up, graphic design and marketing asset production. 

Brandie Peters, Ad + Funnel Strategist

Brandie is a pretty big deal in the Facebook ads world (at least we think so). Not only does she provide real results for clients she loves all things woo and is a pretty rad meme creatix on top of it all.

Andrea Webb, Communications Expert & Copywriter

Andrea is our go to gal for polished copy, impactful and soul-aligned email newsletters, and communications expertise.

Gicela Holguin, Web Designer/Tech Goddess + Course Creation Expert

Gicela also known as "G" is our tech goddess, able to put together the most beautiful landing pages and fix all our tech issues within a moment's notice!

Allow us to be your remote marketing support, serving your mission + holding your vision

What current SHEVOLVE Marketing Collective are saying:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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